Carey Kingsbury

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I lead teams to craft words, images, and experiences that have people feeling some type of way.

In other words, my work attracts ideal audiences and helps to convert them into customers and advocates for brands.

As an artist, writer, and music lover, I bring a unique perspective to my work. I perceive the world through the lens of curiosity, constantly seeking connections and finding inspiration in the most unexpected places. It is this innate ability to see the interplay between seemingly disparate elements that fuels my passion for crafting compelling brand stories.

When humans CONNECT, they CARE. I recognize that within this concept lies the greatest opportunity, the greatest challenge, and the greatest responsibility for marketers and brands. This is what fuels me to create.

Over the past decade, I’ve dedicated myself to mastering BRAND and CONTENT marketing for a wide range of consumer brands, with a particular focus on health and wellness, food and beverage, and home furnishings. Using a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of consumer psychology, I lead marketing teams in bringing brands to life.

I am confident that my unique blend of artistic sensibility, relatability, and project expertise will make a substantial impact on your organization’s brand goals and business priorities.

Let’s connect and embark on a transformative and prosperous journey together.

Carey Kingsbury

BRAND marketing manager


Areas of Expertise

The scope of my marketing skills extends through all areas and all phases of marketing. I utilize my creative abilities and critical thinking to move quickly from big picture thinking to detailed perfection. As a manager I prioritize excellence and relationship building. 

Marketing Management

Integrated Marketing Strategy
Lead Generation
Email Marketing
Data Analytics
Advertising Campaigns
Team Management

Brand Development

Brand Identity and Guidelines
Competitor Analysis
Messaging and Communications
Brand Awareness Campaigns
Cross-Functional Team Collaboration

Product Lifecycle Management

Customer Insight Analysis
Product Positioning
Growth Strategy
Revenue Forecasting
Customer Journeys

Creative Direction

Creative Brainstorming
Content Strategy and Creation
Talent Management
Web Design Management
Marketing Collateral Creation

Industries I Serve

My expertise aligns with consumer goods, services and software companies that strive to bring a better quality of life to their customers.

Health and Wellness


Beauty Industry


Home Decor Industry


Fashion Industry




Creative Portfolio

Flip through a sampling of the type of work I create or click below to view more.

My portfolio reflects  the fact that I like making things. It doesn’t matter if I’m strategically planning a project, getting deep into the creative process, or fine-tuning the details to make a perfect presentation. I’m here for it.


Carey Kingsbury

Marketing strategy, brand development, and content optimization services for start ups and growing small to mid sized product and service businesses.

Serving Arizona & Southern California.

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